Coco’s Secrets
Social club Barcelona

“I would never have imagined that this would exist here” is the phrase most repeated by our dear clients. Coco’s Secrets is a unique social club in uptown Barcelona where you will enter a secret place similar to Narnia. To enter you must be a member of our private social club COCO’S SECRETS; it is completely free to be a member of the club. All members must be of legal age.

Cocktails and Gastronomy in Barcelona

At Coco’s Secrets the highlights are the signature cocktails and the simple but exquisite gastronomy. In our menu you can enjoy dishes such as hand-cut acorn-fed ham, tomato tartar, foie lollipop wrapped in candyfloss, Beluga caviar, Iberian prey or cod cooked at low temperature. Our cocktail menu will make you travel around the world and you will be able to taste cocktails from each country served in the most original and unique way.

Celebrate with us your events in Barcelona

At Coco’s Secrets our members can enjoy a different show performance every day; every month we bring out our calendar of events where we offer different styles of live music, theme nights, DJ sessions, special parties and a long etcetera. Among the most outstanding musical performances we have rumba nights, Drag Queens nights, tribute nights (Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, U2, Joaquin Sabina, The Beatles…) and cover nights (80s, 90s, current, rock…).