Sala Principal (Jardín de invierno)

This is our largest room; behind the doors of a “labyrinth” you can lose yourself in a magical world. In this room you will enjoy our best live performances accompanied by the wildest atmosphere, as well as DJ nights after midnight.

Sala Versalles (Azotea)

Here you will enjoy more intimacy in the purest French style of the 18th century. This room has 4 tables and you can also have a private dinner if you are between 10 and 15 people.

La Cueva (Planta baja)

Another of our smaller and more intimate rooms with 3 tables and, in this case, with a “pirate tavern” style. This room, like Versailles, can be privatised for tables of 10 to 15 diners.

Sala Seven (Comedor privado)

This room is decorated in a similar way to the Main Room but is more welcoming and has fewer tables. It is perfect to privatise if you are between 15 and 20 diners.

Entrance Café (Bistró)

This is the area that you find as soon as you enter the premises, with a French “Café” style decoration and where you can have a “Sneak Peek” of what is to come.